About Us

About Us


Our exclusive, high class model escorts and elite companions are of the highest standard in physique (fitness), beauty, attitude and erotic professionalism. They are fully tutored in high class companion’sentertainment, and can provide a heightened erotic experience. Whether a healing, sensual Tantric experience, or a passionate, erotic girlfriend experience, the models are confident and vital, whilst being encouraged to retain their natural passion, femininity and their own personality. As opposed to just pretty company and fairly average ‘service’ you might experience elsewhere. Our models can provide for many different requirements, including local city tour guiding, escorting you to social events, erotic massage and relaxing sensual massage, social companionship and dynamic, erotic entertainment. The erotic entertainment can include performing sensational choreographed shows for you, and other sensual entertainments… making sure your evening is very memorable, exciting and fulfilling. Reservations are recommended, as entertainment on this level is in high demand…NOT part of our collection is indifferent, uninterested models, uneducated models with bad attitudes, and models who talk only about themselves. We strive to maintain the highest of standards, with a selection process that includes as follows:


Initially, an elite companion-escort’s quality is that she is more beautiful inside than she is out, regardless of her exceptional beauty. EVERY MODEL IS HER OWN PERSON – WE DO NOT TRY TO CREATE CLONES OR CARBON COPIES. However: Models not in a sociable mood are not welcome to work, and regular holidays are encouraged. We strive to avoid models with ‘attitudes’ and emotional hang-ups about men and intimacy. We pride ourselves on providing quality models and experiences; therefore a warm, compassionate, attentive instinct is important in our models. We encourage them to behave more like a new girlfriend than a paid companion. She should be adventurous, very bright, enjoy her position in life, and be a great pleasure to be around. Not every model will be excellent in every area, but each will excel in most areas with experience and our advanced teachings. Our models do not rush in & out, or behave with the nonchalant attitude that some other high priced ladies do. These are first class geisha-escorts in every way. By giving genuine attention, compliments and affection, making you feel good about yourself, and discreetly helping you to relax and unwind, she personifies the perfect elite companion for the distinguished gentleman or couple – reminding you of the true meaning of ‘high class’.


Naturally attractive, glowing models are highly preferable to overly made-up dollies. We provide a hair and makeup artist, but our models are also tutored in skin care, makeup and health issues, and encouraged to cultivate healthy, natural beauty from the inside out. She must be able to maintain her look without assistance when necessary! All models have full medical tests every 3 weeks to ensure their optimum health and hygiene. Models have a basic dress code they must adhere to, including French designer corsetry lingerie, discreetly soled high heels, and a designer label corporate suit or designer evening wear. However, being beautiful is simply not enough. As they say: ‘Beauty is only skin deep…’


Although 75% of the models in our collection are Caucasian, (East Europe, American, South American, Canadian or Asian born and educated,) other nationalities are often popular, and our multinational models must speak perfect English. Models must be able to maintain intelligent communication with elite clientele, and converse perfectly with a beautiful accent, thus providing true discretion in social situations, and genuine high class company.


Companions escort models at Angels of Hong Kong are encouraged to work out eat well and generally look after themselves. Physical fitness is of paramount importance when providing a professional entertainment service. We certainly do not promote drug addicted prima-donnas like some agencies do, and we frown upon illegal substances being offered to our wholesome young ladies. Please refrain from doing so.


There are several pre-conceived ideas in society today, that escort models are poor little un-educated things who cannot do anything else, or models from dysfunctional backgrounds, who turn to escort work in a vain attempt to feel needed and appreciated. Inevitably, ladies like that do exist, (unfortunately) however it is a much generalized view. In any case, these types of ladies would not survive here. Angels of Hong Kong, representatives must be strong-minded, yet feminine, integrity filled and honest. They are trained in polite assertion. They must be versatile enough to feel at ease with both high society companies in 5 star surroundings, as well as in the comfort of clients’ holiday locations. As such, most of the models are from upper-middle class or above lifestyles. Well educated, stylish, and level-headed. Models must be able to calmly cope in awkward situations. Rather than embarrassing anyone, she must maintain a sense of graceful composure and social competence, once again providing complete discretion.


Angels of Hong Kong, Management look for models that are obviously comfortable with their bodies, confident without being cocky, and instinctively sensual. Although not the only part of our service, personal attention can play an integral role. Girls, who want to be in and out in 20 minutes, their only experience being in brothel, are never successful here. Models wishing to enhance their lives, bring pure light and pleasure to their clientele, and are willing to learn an art, are always welcome at Angels of Hong Kong,. All models have some experience in spending time with a man, in varying degrees, but quantity does not equal quality. However once we take her natural skills and elaborate on them with knowledge of the male being, and techniques in controlling the body’s pleasure responses, her subsequent experience completes the perfect companion: A model that will kiss you, show genuine affection, connect with you on a deeper level, and create captivating memories throughout the entire appointment. The main emphasis within the Angels of Hong Kong experience is on exciting entertainment and sensual eroticism.