Fantasies for Angels of Hong Kong

“Fantasies For Angels Of Hong Kong”

Why not enjoy all the city has to offer; fine dining, a romantic Harbour side stroll, then back to your suite to get to know your top model escort even better – the perfect date evening, and far more memorable than a quick visit to your hotel!


  • Geisha bath with candlelight, beautiful music & champagne
  • Have your partner slowly lick chocolate off your entire body
  • Candlelight masturbation show, discover what the gold vibrator can do…
  • Let your partner paint your erogenous zones with a small paintbrush and honey… While you’re handcuffed & defenceless!
  • Let your partner lick and tickle your testicles until you beg her for more
  • Try enjoying oral pleasure with champagne – or a hot choc mint
  • Enjoy the mastered art of oral pleasure with ice & hot water
  • Have your partner slather herself with hot oil, then breast massage you – both sides
  • Try asking your partner to hum while she fellates you. Skyrocket intensity
  • Pressure on the premium – between testicles & anus – highly increases sensation
  • Be tantalized by a light spanking while handcuffed. More erotic than you think!
  • Have a model in PVC rub all over your oiled body, squeaking and sliding
  • Be a giver – massage your partner with her own vibrator, and watch her delight
  • Have your partner wear no panties to dinner, play how-far-will-you-go…
  • Enjoy mutual masturbation or pleasure in front of a mirror for double stimulation
  • Have a stunning Angels of Hong Kong companions chat you up & ‘seduce you’ in front of your friends
  • Savour a GENUINE threesome.
  • Discover the pleasure of the ‘Spanish’ position
  • A trench coat with lingerie or nothing underneath – enough said… (Conditions apply)
  • The model arrives at your hotel room before you. No hotel can welcome you like this…
  • Handcuff your partner; ravage her with another bi-sexual model.
  • Be handcuffed and have 2 or 3 models pleasuring you at once. Blissful torture!
  • Be blindfolded and behold the delights that await your other senses.
  • Allow yourself to be massaged with a deep, hot oil fingertip rub, then shiver as feathers gently tickle your cares away.
  • Drizzle oil all over yourself and have your partner massage your sensitive, erogenous areas…


Think you can handle three models all to yourself? Or will they be handling you? The Charlie’s Angels fantasy is for the gentleman who loves to be enveloped at every turn by the sweet, creamy, female smells of a woman at every side.

Imagine the options – three sets of hands on your body, three mouths pleasuring you, two pleasuring each other as you watch and are pleasured by another, one parade around in her leather outfit ordering you to do as she commands with the other two models…

Thighs and breasts and legs entwined, sweet breath and full lips and bodies with a light sweat… the possibilities are endless, aren’t they…?


The Geisha fantasy, anAngels of Hong Kong speciality, involves the model pampering you; serving and entertaining you like the Geisha in ancient Japan, but of course with an extra naughty twist…

She will make you tea or bring you your drink of preference, and allow you to drink from the cup she holds. She will dance for you, perhaps sing or impress you with some artistic talent, place candles around the bathroom, and help you into a warm bubble bath where she will massage you with oils, kiss you, wash your hair, brush your teeth, shave your face, feed you and let you drink champagne from her breasts.

This experience will generally be incorporated into the whole package, simply teasing you to your limit in preparation for the next part of her service… Although if you prefer an entire Geisha style appointment, we can arrange this also. The Geisha experience is not only very relaxing and pampering; it is also quite romantic and intimate.

The model will dry your fresh, clean body with a big, fluffy hotel towel, rub moisturizer all over your body, kissing you all over.

The geisha bath has many variations, but has the emphasis is on pampering relaxation, talented entertainment and pleasurable sensations. Indulge yourself…


Our Angels are sexy hot escort however, for everybody who wants a great dinner date, an erotic massage to remember, or an encounter that will leave them breathless, there is somebody who needs something…more.

If you are into domination, you’ve got the right people. Each of The Hong Kong Escort Girls at Angels of Hong Kong will happily become your sexy servants, responding to your commands and doing your bidding. They will show up ready to please you and do what you say, and you will be able to be the dominant person you already know you are.

Of course, you may prefer to change it up a bit and be the submissive person for once. If that’s what you need, our ladies are all too willing to oblige. They can appear before you, clad in sexy leather or latex, ready to make you lick their boots, beg for mercy, or do whatever comes into their dirty little minds. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget as you put yourself at the foot of a beautiful and brutal dominatrix like those that we have to offer, Spice things up a bit with a booking today.


This is a mixture of sensations, where the Angels of Hong Kong companion will lay you face down allowing warm oil to softly trickle over your body. She will massage you firmly to smooth out the day’s stress, from the tight muscles in your neck and shoulders to your nerve-rich feet. She will soften her strokes to finger-tickle you, then tickle you with a feather tickler, to create a softer sensation, which really raises the Goosebumps! She will then use different sensations to massage you, and turn you over to face her.

The model will continue to create different sensations, maybe using ice, maybe licking off delicious body sauce, finally massaging you with her body, maybe touching herself against you while you watch, breast-massaging you with slippery flesh against slippery flesh. She may squeeze oil all over herself, sensually and slowly rubbing it into her torso & breasts then perform a seductive body slide. She may choose to incorporate the fantasy French during this stage, mixing her talents to your benefit! The emphasis is on sensations to seduce and tease you. Try it tonight!


Fantasy French is the name we give to the oral version of the massage fantasy. The Angels of Hong Kong companions will start by pampering you with her warm lips and mouth. She will use different sensations such as mint body lotion, ice, warm water and other secret ingredients, to increase your pleasure by alternating sensation – the model will breathe out close to your skin to create a warm sensation, and then blow softly from a small distance to create a cool sensation.

These techniques have been around since the dawn of time, but were definitely perfected by the Orientals, and the Indians with their Kama Sutra. There are a million different secret techniques and sensations available with which to experiment. We tutor our models fully to ensure her knowledge and techniques are superior. If sensual pleasure enters the appointment, you can be assured that our models are professional pleasure artists, not indifferent or un-skilled. Try it ASAP!


Striptease has little to do with pornography, it is an erotic art form, and to watch a practiced woman perform is a true visual and physical pleasure.

Striptease is a celebration of female beauty and sensuality for the pleasure of the viewer. However striptease can be performed in ways other than the choreographed dance we see at some of the better erotica stripper and burlesque shows. Sometimes she will add a theme, such as a belly dance theme during her striptease. Sometimes it can be just as erotic to watch a lady very slowly remove her clothes when she thinks you’re not watching, or removing her clothing piece by piece as she holds a perfectly normal conversation, and you struggle to keep your mind on her words as she deliberately draws attention to her body with her hands,suddenly asking if you like what you’re seeing…

The strip tease is best just coming to a finale as room service arrives with the champagne, strawberries and cream. It’s normally a good idea if you’reAngels of Hong Kong slips immodestly dressed into a robe and answers the door for you, as it may be a little embarrassing for you to stand up at this stage…. If the bell boy had only been here a few minutes before…If he knew what she has on under the robe…. Enjoy!


Angels of Hong Kong, we realize that when it comes to role playing and fantasy fulfilment, the visual sense is extremely important. That’s why we offer all of the uniforms you could need to make your role playing dreams come true.

Role playing is a very popular type of fantasy, and with our Hong Kong Escort Girls, you will find that role playing is better than ever. Why? Because during your first experience with someone, it is much easier to get into your specific roles and our ladies are experts at being whoever you want them to be, as well.

Our Angels will show up for any booking with a couple of popular costumes with them, just in case you want to try something out during your time. However, we also have additional choices available upon request if you want to do something outside of the popular choices like the naughty French maid, the sexy nurse, and so on. Just let us know what your fantasy is, and we will always do our best to fulfil it. The right uniform and the right girl will take your fantasy to the next level.


Angels of Hong Kong girls are famous for their erotic vibrator shows. Your model will settle you somewhere comfortable, position herself somewhere where the view is best, (in fact this experience is often incorporated into the striptease, and you will no doubt already be settled in for the ride!), then proceed to rub her golden vibrator all over her body, arousing her senses and showing you how she loves to be pleasured.

She will lather herself in oil, rubbing it into her breasts and body, and then begin to touch herself, either using the vibrator or her fingers while she plays with the vibrator to visually pleasure you. She will at some stage shift positions and continues with her back to you so you can view her pleasure from behind.

She may place the vibrator against her lips to show you how she can tease you… All fantasies have many variations, and the models may incorporate little or a lot of each in her service, depending on what she knows you like from your little chat in the beginning of the service. Use your imagination – our models are happy to experiment with your ideas.


A person who obtains gratification from looking at the erotic actions or organs of others, most people have voyeur fantasies of some kind, whether they imagine someone is watching them, or they have the desire to sneak a look at others.

Voyeur fantasies can involve seeing someone’s panties – or lack thereof – when they don’t seem to know you’re looking. It can involve a woman going about her business naked, knowing you are watching and enjoying. It can involve having someone else join you to simply watch you together, or allowing you to watch them together.

Angels of Hong Kong are very comfortable with them, and enjoy you watching them – in fact they will usually encourage it, and enjoy the effect they have on you. They will often wear no panties to your appointment and pretend not to notice as your eyes are glued to her, showing just a peek of what you may see more of soon – if you’re a good boy…


Get a few friends together and make a night of it. 3 or 4 boys and 3 or 4 girls = PARTY!!

“I’m clean… unless you want me to be dirty. I guarantee affordable by-the-hour rates”