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The FIFA 16 leaves the weight comparisons for a moment, this is a series revolution. The most notable of these changes is now that you can choose and play one of the 12 International Women’s teams. The application of women’s teams on the IT Sports is not limited to changing a small men’s team, women encourage and act completely different. It brings matches that are a little slower and less physical, but also more dynamic, unpredictable and exciting.
The FIFA (foot) final will reach improvements through the new project: A great way to enjoy this mode without having to spend hours in front of your computer, creating your own team. Provides a random selection of players for each post, helps training newcomers in the foot and providing versions more accessible for less interested aspects of leadership. You can compete in four trouble on the rise to win gold. This is the foot of the micro-business, letting you enjoy your systems without paying the real money.
All other transport models have also improved with small improvements. For example-in career mode, you can put an created player through mini-games to improve statistics.
The “Magic Moments” in FIFA 16 are due to some comp when one of these recordings imitated the sensation of the real game, it makes him want to defend that he’s not surprised. These glasses are the real FIFA force and the only area where it still feels better weight 2016.

Spectacular mass
So many improvements, why not FIFA 16 at the top football place? Problems alone. The main example of this is pure frustrations, trying to load the ball. Despite everything that was best tactical, they are still waiting for the attacker to make an error in a passport and intercept, rather than trying to make a deal.
Create unpleasantness: The game is more relaxed automaticallythan ever, sometimes the players don’t use the fetal work, and it looks like the ball is magnetized into a goalie’s hand.
2016 your weight forces you to use tactics and teamwork and reward it with your efforts. FIFA 16 is pleased to sacrifice these elements in favor of spectacles and magic. When the magic happens, you’ll feel fantastic. But if the same system means that damage is probably accidental, the joy of rapid anger and desperation.
What’s the result of the comparison between the two games? Well, we prefer 2016 weight (at least the console currently in the PC Port of Konami is great). Better to feel, and your efforts will be equal to success. FIFA 16, on the other hand, suffers from a lack of control, because it is a priority for most skills.
So, what’s bad? No, not at all. The ground is big, some amazing behavior with the player is really natural, like a goalie nailed to a ball. If this little pass is really amazing, you’ll feel like you’re playing a real game.

Magic, Range and instant
FIFA is still a great football game 16: The women’s teams add diversity, the FIFA final team project offers easy access and “magic moments” are spectacular. So, if it is diversity, immediate and performance is your priority, and FIFA will suit you. Now it’s on “EA SPORTS” to play your game if they want to finish their lls with FIFA and the PES grow higher. And I’m sure they do.

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