360 Total Security

360 Total Security

360 total security is one of the most complete and efficient free antivirus programs available, and will protect against most threats can be that face online.

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The antivirus use five antivirus engines, including cloud 360 engine, CVMII, Avira and BitDefender. Scan your computer for threats is quick and we were impressed by the attention to detail. For example, if remove the detected threat requires that the computer be restarted, 360 total security will tell you.

The Avira and BitDefender engines are disabled by default. It is good, if RAM usage so that they increase, but you have them as an option if you want to be extra safe. 360 total security also includes an optional browser extension that you as the websites you visit are potentially harmful. It looks as if it is over kill for us as most browsers today warn you if your site is safe or unsafe.

Careful use

Speed up and cleanup functions are mixed blessings. Both work, but they are not as user friendly as they can be. You will find that with a clearance which suggests delete files that can be removed because they are in use, which is annoying.

To actually accelerate the RAM leaves more power to run games and resources for hungry applications. But we have a few problems. We had to install Google Chrome again after it starts accelerates as it made the changes without warning us, which means that Chrome did not work.

Easy to use and non-invasive

360 total security is very easy to use, with a clear interface that is easy to navigate. It explains what each function does, and it is easy to set up. If you are looking for an antivirus solution that is not intrusive and leaves with everything you do, 360 total security is a good choice.

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