Driver Booster Free

Driver Booster Free

Driver driver detects outdated drivers on your computer and allows you to download and install the latest version in one click for drivers on your computer-always (function () {(“Preview-app-Page-desktop ‘);});

Drivers up to date means that the hardware is working properly and offer the best return possible. Driver booster is a tool that greatly facilitates this task when it comes to get a driver to the modern computer.

The software will scan all hardware drivers and installed. If some are obsolete, driver booster offers you an update, automatically retrieve the installation files and flipping updates.

Driver parameters of reinforcement allows you to schedule regular scans of your computer (daily, weekly or monthly) to make sure you have the latest drivers.

Driver booster also includes a feature that allows you to create restore points before installing the drivers. It’s great to restore the computer to its condition prior to the installation in the event of new drivers cause errors.

It does all the work.

Driver booster has an interface very easy to use and makes your very simple update driver. All you need to do is click on the two buttons to view and install updates on your driver: “examination” and “update all” (Note: as is the case of Windows, you must restart PC for updates to take effect).

You also have the option to start automatically when Windows starts up driver booster doing an upgrade just a click away. With its silent mode, the driver automatically installs the driver in the background with no problem.

Other driver update software as Slimdrivers and easy alternative drivers provides a list of compatible drivers but it doesn’t guide the usuarisQue thedrivers are the best for your system. With driver responsible, the alternative is simple, because the software to choose the version of the driver that is compatible with your PC!


If the computer drivers are outdated and are looking for a solution to update them quickly, the driving force behind the driver will do the job for you in a simple and efficient way.

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