Paint NET

Paint NET

If you need something more powerful than Microsoft Paint, but not as complex as Photoshop, is what you are looking for.

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Designed image editor offers a variety of tools and options that only expects to find in a large graphic suites.

Allows you to work on multiple images at the same time, it has support for layers, maintain a history of all changes made to your photos, so you can easily undo them and includes a variety of tools (brush patterns and geometric shapes, to example).

You will also find many special filters and effects that can change the image on an oil painting or a pencil drawing in just a single click.

Simple and easy

It has a simple interface, making it easy to use this program. The menu is also organized to make it easy to find the option you are looking for.

Various features

is a great free image editing suite, with a lot of tools › optimize images and retouching. For its simplicity, but also a wide range of features, this program is suitable for ordinary users and those who need to do some more complex issues.

This update corrects some of the shortcut key is damaged because the view-real size > order.

Fixed: Ctrl + Shift + a now work again as a shortcut to view the actual size >-(broken)

Fixed: Ctrl + 0 will still work for display-> actual size, even images or more than 10 open (broken, will change to 10) Fix changesthis Update some broken shortcut keys for vista-> order of actual size.

Fixed: Ctrl + Shift + a now work again as a shortcut to view the actual size >-(broken)

Fixed: Ctrl + 0 still works to see the actual size > – although the images or more than 10Obert (broken, will change the image 10)

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