Widows 2018

Widows 2018

The director of the Academy of Rewards Steve McQueen (12 years one servant) and novelist Gillian Flynn friend and serial (lost Girl) comes to receive a shfne, horrific modern series with criminal backgrounds, enthusiasm and passion. Janda is the story of four women with nothing but debts that have left their husband’s criminal activities dead. Modern Chicago, it’s in the heart of the recession, it’s time to create tension when Veronica (Oscar winner, winner, Viola Davis), Alice (Elizabeth Debicic), Linda (Michelle Rodríguez) and Belle (Cynthia Erivo) take their fate into their own hands and they do. It’s a real trick to make the future based on its own conditions. The widow also presents Liama Neeson, and Colin Farrell, Robert Duval, Danielle Calkuyu, the harbour of Haas and Brian Tyrie Henry.

Modern Chicago, it’s in the heart of the chaos of time, four women with nothing but debts that have left their dead husband’s criminal activities, their fate on their hands, and they’ve congested into the future. In their situation.

Director: Steve McQueen

Author: Gillian Flynn (screenplay), Star Steve McQueen (scenario): Viola Davis, Michelle Rodríguez and Elizabeth Debic

Genre: Crime

Performing arts […] Romance […] Terrible

Country: English […] Now

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Language: Srpski

Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280 536 2625kbps.

Audio: Dolby AC3 stereo 48000hz

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Shooting police left four police officers dead in an attempt to rob an explosive in Chicago. Widows on-Veronica, Alice, Linda and Belle-do not work normally except debts leave their partner activities. Please, Kiuchumu for future conditions, Veronica and three other female teams have come to extract the robbery her husband planned.

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